We believe in the supremacy of information over hearsay. These are short, crisp articles on the contemporary socio-legal issues will shed light on various aspects of the issue while providing an analysis of the causes and suggest ways to overcome it. These might support certain viewpoint but not without adequate data and analysis. These will help the reader to for an informed opinion on the issues discussed.

lighted buildings near body of water

Insight Edition: River Pollution, Solutions & Revolutions

A deep dive into the issues of river pollution in India & how we can try to understand it. India faces a challenge on the horizon with rising levels of water pollution. Water is the centre point of life for any settlement or civilization as far back as human society goes. Now we once again find ourselves on the brink, with our most precious resource becoming an endangered species. India is home to some of the largest and most extensive

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Poverty Rates in India (Source: Vox EU)

When Economic Development Clashes With the Environment: Analysis and Solutions

According to economists from Mumbai University, half of the Indian population now belongs to the middle class by income. This classification is dependent on daily household expenditures, which need to be between $2 and $10 for a family to be categorized as a middle-class household.[2] This denotes a positive trend since 1991 when only about 1 percent of the Indian population belonged to the economic middle class. As far as progress in the field of environmental conservation is concerned, this trend is good news. With an increased rate of poverty alleviation and the expansion of the middle class, comes a higher level of environmental consciousness. Policymaking needs to be aimed at the kind of economic strengthening that allows our population to desire a reversal of the damage to our environment.

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A blast affecting a forest area

Impact of Armed Conflict on Environment

Whenever the phrase ‘casualties of war’ comes up, we think of loss of human lives. But, is the scope of destruction caused by armed conflicts limited to human lives and property? No, there is another long-term silent victim of armed conflicts: the environment. From pollution caused by the explosives to large-scale devastation of flora and fauna and destruction of natural resources for military gain, are all casualties of war. Even though International Conventions recognize the grave issue, the situation is far from resolved. The article analyses the current situation in Indian and International context and discusses possible changes in law.

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