We believe in the supremacy of information over hearsay. These are short, crisp articles on the contemporary socio-legal issues will shed light on various aspects of the issue while providing an analysis of the causes and suggest ways to overcome it. These might support certain viewpoint but not without adequate data and analysis. These will help the reader to for an informed opinion on the issues discussed.


Introduction: Violence against medical professionals has become a global phenomenon, but somehow India has moved a step forward in this very phenomenon by leading the most number of incidents of violence. According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), as much as 75% of medical professionals have face physical or verbal violence during their lifetime as medical professionals[1]. Another study of IMA shows that about 82.7% of the medical professionals in India are stressed out due to the fear of violence[2].

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Introduction Every woman has the same equal legal status as that given to a man, but her legal status has largely been controlled by her social position in the society in which she lives. Law is an instrument of social change that can only equate the position of women in the society, when the message behind the legislation has been well received, understood, interpreted, and then implemented. The duty of determining the extent to which the legislation equating the position

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Edificating Immaculate Vocation

Fali Sam Nariman, a renowned lawyer, in his autobiography tries to influence that one should be righteous both in his life and profession. Through laying out how the Indian judiciary dealt with a number of seminal cases that the author argued in Indian courts, the book adroitly embraces and explores law from a larger stance, as well as describes India’s historical and judicial history. It delves into a side of law that few individuals deem: dissent, resistance, and the ramifications

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Why James Mill’s History is Still a Nation’s Misery

The root of the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ dates back centuries. It was Thomas Gray who first uttered the golden words in his poem ‘Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College‘. The lines are popularly quoted to mean that, at times, it is better to be not informed and less inquisitive for achieving a constant state of contentment. A thorough reading of the poem, however, reveals something more worthwhile.  Since sorrow never comes too late,          And happiness too

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A Brief Discussion on the Consequences of Child Marriage

Child marriage begets socio-economic problems for those who are pushed into it, and prevents them from using their potential to improve their standard of life. The causes and consequences of child marriage are closely related, as they both merge into one another at some point. Let us have a look at the ill-effects of child marriage. Lack of access to education One of the causes of child marriage is lack of access to education, which also emerges as a consequence

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A Pandemic and the Process of Manufacturing a Conundrum

COVID-19, like any pandemic humanity has faced, has instilled a collective conscience on the citizens of this planet. True, few aberrations followed, like when the world saw instances of xenophobia and members of the Chinese-American community were attacked as a result. But the virus made people conscious of the importance of personal cleanliness, immunity, social distancing and the safety and well-being of not just themselves, but their neighbors as well. However, even as the virus affected the lives of more

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