We believe that the best way to change viewpoints is by showing both the sides of the coin. These are balanced, informative articles written by our editorial staff to tackle recent events/issues based on an objective analysis of contrary opinions on the issue. These focus on the issue without taking sides and empowering the reader to form their own opinions on the issue/event.


We believe in the supremacy of information over hearsay. These are short, crisp articles on the contemporary socio-legal issues will shed light on various aspects of the issue while providing an analysis of the causes and suggest ways to overcome it. These might support certain viewpoint but not without adequate data and analysis. These will help the reader to for an informed opinion on the issues discussed.


We believe that everyone has the capacity to contribute to the society in a positive manner and all they need is a little inspiration. These snippets from interesting conversations with academicians, activists and other luminaries, who have worked on the ground to bring about a positive change in the society, will provide the much needed push. We talk to them about their experiences, motivations, problems they faced and so on. These will inspire the reader to use their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the society.

Op Briefs

We believe that change starts with a conversation. These opinion pieces on a variety of issues, which have existed and continue to exist but do not receive proper attention of the masses, will help the readers understand the issues and start a conversation.


We believe that making information more accessible is the key to social awareness. In this section we break down complex idea/ issues/ terms/ events for the ease of our readers. These will provide the reader a holistic understanding of the subject thus enabling them to form informed opinion on issues.

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